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Steps to create a New Account in Paytm with Screenshots - [Updated]

Would you like to create a new account in paytm 2016? But don't know how to create a new account in paytm app or How to create a paytm wallet or how to make a new paytm account. Then here I am giving step by step with screenshots to create paytm account. Also I added the procedure or steps to recover paytm account or forget password. Before continuing I want to ask you some questions. Did you like to instantly recharge your mobile number or pay bills at any time? Are you an online shopper? Did you own any credit/debit card or activated net banking? Did you always like to get discounts to your payments?  But above all these you are here because of getting free paytm cash from apps. If your answers are yes then you are making right choice. Creating a new account is free of cost and you will not be charge any single penny. 
How to create a new paytm wallet with screenshots 2016
You can access their services from PC and have a smartphone then install their user friendly app to explore all its features with few finger taps across your smartphone's screen. 

Moreover using them only for recharging you can also use it to send money to your friends, transfer cash to respective bank account or use as payment wallet for shopping in online. 

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But remember for doing these you must have a credit/debit card or net banking service activated in your bank account. Also if you want to recharge but don't lie to often using you credit/debit card etc... then you can avoid this situation by using one of their feature. 

For that load money to your paytm wallet by add money option with any of your payment method and stored it as wallet cash. Later use this to do mobile top up, online shopping etc... I think new users get a vague idea about them and how to use their service. Just scroll down to know more what we are upto. 

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Before taking Account with Paytm

Here are some useful tips that you have to keep in mind while you register and doing further transactions with them. Always log-out from the paytm app or site after every transaction.

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  • You must have an active mobile number and email address while taking new account. 
Because log-in OTP and notifications of future transaction details are send to your email or Registered mobile number. It also helps to recover password with ease. 
  • Verify Mobile Number and Email Address
Without verification you can't utilize any of their features. 
  • Always make payments only with their official site or App
Before making any transactions like recharge or send money to friends always check on browser's URL whether it is a https encrypted connection (see below screenshot) with an Lock icon to it. May be you have a doubt then how about while shopping. Here also do the same. 

While selecting your Paytm wallet as payment option in these sites check you are re-directing to an encrypted connection as I said above. Aslo download or update their app only from app stores.

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Steps to take new account in Paytm

Here I am giving the steps to take a new account using their site or website You must have an active mobile number in which you must enter it during the account creation process and has to verify it with OTP. Follow below steps

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Using App

  • Install and open the app from playstore
  • Choose your language from the list

  • Click on Profile icon from below of the app

  • Select Log-in to paytm option from the top

  • You can sign-in to the paytm using your Facebook/Google+ account.To sign-up with your Gmail account, click on Sign-up from the top

  • Then enter your Mobile Number, Email ID, Create a password and again click on Sign-up button or you can also sign-up with your Facebook account
  • Verify your mobile number with OTP (One-Time-Password) that received to your inbox 
OTP will auto-verify or auto-entered if the mobile number that you entered is same as put on your smartphone otherwise enter it manually and press verify button
  • On next page enter your Full Name, Date of Birth and press confirm Button
  • That's all. Your paytm wallet was successfully created
To enjoy offers like cashbacks you have to verify your both email and mobile number (which is also verified during the sign-up process). For verifying your email ID
  • Tap on Profile icon from below of the app
  • Click on Edit Profile from top
  • Enter your Email (if not shown) otherwise click verify option next to your email address to verify it. 
  • After that you have to sign-in to your email and click on the verification link that you received from the paytm to complete the email verification process. 
  • That's all
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Using Site

  • Go to Paytm site from here
  • Click on Log-in/Sign-up option from the top right side of the website
  • Then a pop up window will appears
  • From that select Sign-up for Paytm wallet tab. 
  • Now enter mobile number, email ID and create a password
You must enter your email address whether it is marked as optional. Because for doing transactions you must verify email ID too
  • After that hit continue button
  • On next window enter OTP that they send to your phone number 
  • Then enter your name and finally press Sign-up button
  • That's all your account was successfully created. 
  • Now login to your email account and open the mail from paytm
  • Click on verify link to complete the email verification. 
  • Now you can start to enjoy their services
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Video Tutorial

Steps to Recover paytm password

If you forget your password or lost your paytm installed phone or even reset your mobile phone then it's very easy to recover password if the registered paytm mobile number with you or don't forget your email password. You can follow below steps to change the password using paytm app. Here we go

Note:- After creating new password delete the password resetting SMS that you got from paytm from your inbox 
  • Install the app again if you uninstalled it or reset your phone
  • Select Profile icon from below
  • Click on Login to paytm option from the top 
  • Then select Trouble logging in? 
  • Tap on I forgot my password 
  • Now enter your registered email id or mobile number with paytm and press Proceed button 
  • You'll receive a SMS with a link in it
  • Copy or click on it and open in your browser
  • On coming page enter your new password and enter it again to confirm it
  • After that tap update button
  • Then you''ll direct to paytm site
  • Close the browser and come back to the paytm app
  • Login to the app with your registred mobile number/email and entering your new password
  • Done!
Do you have any doubts? Then drop it here as comments. 


  1. Create password like a combination of capital & small letters and numbers which you can easily remember. For, example GOOD784think like that use names of favourite dishes, local languages, etc... Max 15 characters and min 8-10 is also good. Hope this will help.


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