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Android Apps Giving Free Paytm Cash [New App Added] - 2017

Here are the list of apps that giving free Paytm cash (Qrumble, Qzapp, Benefito, Listup, Goyano, Keettoo, ireff, Eventshigh, Cashngifts, Skrilo, Trymaar, Flygrades, Notiby, Heybiz app added) for installing apps, referring friends, doing some tasks and so on in the month of February 2016. But a problem is most of the offers are valid only for limited time and if that is OK, in some others we have to wait until the minimum redemption limit. Also free Paytm cash offers are currently available for android users only. For utilizing these offers you must have a smartphone that supports OS from Ginger Bread 2.3+. Otherwise you may fail to install apps that give paytm cash. Above all these you also needed a registered account with Paytm. Because the cash was redeemed to your account using your mobile number that registered with the Paytm. 

If you are a newbie and don't know what is Paytm cash? How you can use it? What are the benefits? Then here I am going to answer your questions. Before that you have to know what is Paytm? Its a simply an online payment gateway which is used to recharge your prepaid/postpaid mobile number, Data Card, DTH and pay your bills by selecting your credit/debit card  or net banking as payment options with them. 

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Not only this, you can do shopping in online stores, book bus tickets and the list goes on. Paytm cash can be termed as digital cash that is virtually storing to the online digital wallet. You can load the cash to your wallet using your different payment methods from them and later you can use it to do with their services that I said earlier. Hope you guys got a vague idea about them. Let's check the apps list. 

Steps to take an account in Paytm

As I said earlier you must have a registered account with them. Below steps are for new users who don't yet have an account with them. Let's move

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  • Go to Paytm site or install their app from respective app store.
  • Click on Log-in/Sign-up option in site and in app select account icon from below  Tap on Sign In to paytm Select Sign up option
  • The Enter your mobile number, Email ID, create password and press continue in site and in app press Sign-up button
  • Finally verify both of your Email and mobile number with OTP.
  • That's all your account was created
You must have a registered mobile number with paytm to redeem cash from below apps 

Qzapp [Still Live]

Play quiz win points and refer more to earn free paytm cash. Follow below steps to start with the app

Tip:- If you are unable to sign-in then you can try again by clicking respective options or select skip option from below of the app and click on 3 vertical dots from top right side and select login to sign-in to the app..
  • Install the app from playstore
  • Log-in with your Facebook or Google + account
  • Then select allow to give permission 
  • Then enter your mobile number and verify it with OTP
  • Now input referral code as SD8BSM and press Apply button
You must apply above code if you would like to get 2500 points as sign-up bonus
  • That's all
Update:-Min redemption is now 25000 points = Rs.50 (which is you can earn easily by referring 10 friends)


To Refer your friends 

You'll get 2500 points per referring friends and your friends will also get 2500 points for using your referral code
  • Click on 3 vertical dots on the app home
  • Select Refer friend
  • Share your referral code via whatsapp or facebook etc...
You can also know your points and redemption options by clicking on 3 vertical dots and select Profile >> Leader board. Here you can see your score and click redeem button to see paytm redeem option or mobile recharge option.

Benefito [Still Live]

Here comes another app that giving free paytm cash for referring freinds, completing offers, installing apps from playstore etc...You can earn Rs.10 from referring friends.
  • Install and open the app from playstore
  • Swipe across the screen and click on Start app button from the last slide
Skip above step if it's not shown
  • Enter your Paytm registered Mobile number and enter referral code as HA10379 
Email ID (playstore email ID) will be auto-detected by the app  
  • Then verify your mobile number with OTP by clicking on Verify button
If your mobile number is not auto-detected by the app then enter it manually 
  • That's all
After sign-up click on earn tab and start to install apps to get free paytm cash. Also referral credits only be credited when your friend install one app from the earn section

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Tip:- After you open the app and the app screen shows still loading then click on earn tab to load the offers to install apps and to see your wallet amount and you will now have access to other options in the app. Also after installing the app from playstore and coming back to benefito you have to click earn tab to credit the cash.

To Redeem:-Click on Menu from top left side of the app >> Select E-Wallet >>Tap on Transfer to paytm button >> Cash will be transfer to your paytm account. Min Redemption is Rs.20


You can find your invite/referral code under the Menu by clicking on Invite & Earn Rs.10

Don [Still Live]

Don't wait, earn fast as you can from DON app by referring friends, installing, apps, Daily Log-in etc... and redeem the earnings as paytm cash to your wallet as well as used to recharge. Follow below steps to star earn with the app

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  • Install and open the app from playstore
  • Select skip or next option from the app home screen
  • Enter your mobile number, email ID, put Referral code as AD33F8A5 and tap on verify button
You must enter above referral code to get Rs.15 (Rs.10+Rs.5) as Sign-up bonus
  • Then verify your mobile number with OTP
  • Now create your profile by entering name, DOB etc... and press Submit button
  • Done!. You successfully registered with the app
You will also get daily sign-up bonus of Rs.2. Also for using referral code Rs.10 instantly credited to your account and the additional bonus of Rs.5 will only be credit when you install a app from their offer page for first time in you phone.

To Redeem

Min Redemption is Rs.10 and keep referring friends to earn more. You will get Rs.10 when your referred friends use you referral code for sign-up and an install a app for first time in their phone from DON app. Upon successful installation of the app they will also get Rs.15. Follow below steps
  • Tap on Menu icon from top left side of the app and select My Wallet
  • Click on Transfer to paytm and from next page enter your paytm number and select the amount
  • Finally press Transfer button and cash will be added shortly to your wallet
Also there is processing fee for the transaction and as follows
  • Rs.2 for transfer amount upto Rs.20
  • Rs.3 for transfer amount greater than Rs.20 or less than equal to Rs.50
  • Rs.5 for transfer amount greater than Rs.50


True Balance - Rs.25 Signup Bonus [Don't miss it]

First of all I want to say the app will not give any paytm cash but you will get free recharges for referring friends and you can earn upto Rs.1000 from their referral program. Best thing about the app is you and your friend both will get Rs.25 as Sign-up bonus for using your referral link to install the app and additional to that Rs.10 will be added as emergency loan to your trueblance account which can be used to recharge. Follow the steps below

Update: Now you will get as Rs.25 as Sign-up bonus and your friend will also get Rs.25 as sign-up bonus for using your referral link (ie. Rs.15 signup bonus + Rs.10 as emergency loan). Offer is valid till 3rd April 2017


Note:- You can use the credits in your truebalance wallet to do the recharge you like ie, activating 2G/3G/4G plans, rate cutter plans, special recharges etc...
You must install the app from above link to get Rs.25 as sign-up bonus
  • Open the the app and follow the instructions
  • Then enter your name, mobile number, set password and enter invitation link as
You need to enter the above link if the app fails to auto-detect it to get Rs.20 as recharge bonus 
  • Then press Register button to verify your mobile number with OTP 
  • That's all and the app will welcome you with the Sign-up bonus
For recharging from the app and to know more details about True Balance check my post from here

Cashngifts [Still Live]

A new app that gives free paytm cash, mobikwik cash, real cash for doing task as well as for referring friends too. I already wrote a post about their site and if you want to know more about it then check out it from my post here. Follow below steps to start with the site.
  • Download Cashngifts app from playstore or Sign-up from their site
You must register from above link if you would like to get 150 points as sign-up bonus
  • Click on New Account option from below of the app
If you sign-up to the site then, Click on Register Now option from top right side or scroll down to select Sign-up Now Button and enter further details.
  • Enter your User name, set password, Email and click on Register button
  • Then they will send a verification to your email address
  • Enter the verification that received to your email and press confirm button.
  • Done. You successfully registered with the app.
You can redeem paytm cash, Freecharge Credits, Mobikwik cash, Flipkart, Amazon voucher of worth Rs.50 when you have a minimum of 500 points. If you earn more points then you can redeem it for higher values of paytm cash, mobikwik etc...

To Refer friends: 
  • Tap on Menu icon from top left side of the app
  • Then Select Refer & Earn option
  • Now press Share Now button to share you unique referral link with your Friends
  • That's all
For referring each friends you will get 50 points and they will get 150 points as Sign-up bonus by using your referral link to install the app. 

To Redeem Gifts:-

You can grab more points from referring friends, completing surveys, doing recharges via their site, daily sign-up bonus and so on.
  • Select Menu Icon from top left side of the app
  • Just Scroll down a bit and under Redeem Gifts select Gift
  • Now tap on the Gifts that you would like to redeem
  • Then enter respective details to redeem it
  • That's all
If you would like to redeem paytm cash then enter your Email ID and mobile number that registered with the paytm during the redemption process to get cash to your wallet.

Payment Proof

POKKT [Still Live]

Pokkt app now supports you to transfer your credits to paytm wallet. For that you have to update the app to the latest version. If you not still update or used this app then you can download the app from playstore. You can transfer a min amount of Rs.20 to your wallet.

To Redeem:- Tap on Menu icon from top left side of the app >> From options select Transfer to Paytm >> Then enter your paytm registered mobile number >> Redeem it, That's all

Not only this you can earn free Rs.40 per referring friends when they register to the app using your referral link and avails one offer from Pokkt.


Cashboss [Still Live]

Now in cashboss app you can redeem your earnings to your paytm wallet. Follow below steps to install the apps
  • Install and open the app from playstore
  • Enter your Mobile number and enter the referral code as 9E1C84
  • Then tap on Verify Number button to verify your mobile number with OTP
  • Done! You successfully registered with the app

To Refer and Redeem Cash

You can find the full steps to redeem the paytm on cashboss from my post here


Keettoo Keyboard [Still Live]

I already shared this app with you on my post Apps giving mobikwik cash. Now they added the option to redeem the earnings to our paytm wallet. We can earn paytm cash by views ADs daily and app will notify new ADs via push notification.

Upon clicking on notification you will enter to the app and just swipe the screenshots on the slides to the see the Ads. Once you reach the final slide click on top cross "x" icon to close the AD. A pop-up will show the confirmation of the earnings. Now follow below steps to register  with the app.
  • Install and open the app from playstore
  • Swipe across the screen or press skip to reach the home page of the app
  • Enable the Keettoo keyboard by going to your phone settings
  • After that Register to the app with your email, mobikwik or paytm registered mobile number etc...
  • Then verify your mobile number with OTP
  • Done!. You successfully register with the app
Enabling of Keettoo keyboard will change your default android keypad.

Steps to Redeem cash

You can redeem from Rs.1 to your mobikwik wallet or paytm wallet. You will get Rs.1 per viewing Ads and within 2 or 3 days you can earn more than Rs.10. Enjoy:). To redeem the amount 
  • Click on small round icon from bottom right side of the app
  • Select My account from the option
  • Tap on Paytm or Mobikwik button that you wish to transfer the amount
  • Then click on Redeem button to withdraw the earnings
  • That's all
Money will be transferred instantly to your paytm account


Ladooo[Still Live]

One of the popular free recharge giving app Ladooo now support the earned credits to transfer to your paytm wallet. You can earn free cash by referring friends and installing apps. Also you can use the credits to recharge your prepaid or postpaid mobile number, doing DTH Recharge.... Follow below steps to start to earn with the app.
  • Install app from playstore
  • Open the app and enter your mobile number
  • Then verify your mobile number with OTP
  • Now install the app and refer friends to get free cash
  • Enjoy
You can earn Rs.5 (May vary from day to day) per referring friends and redeem a min amount of Rs.10 from your ladooo account. To Redeem Go to >> Menu from top left side of the app >> Click on Wallet >> Enter your paytm email or mobile number, enter the amount >> tap on Transfer button >> That's all. cash will be added to your wallet. 

Taskbucks [Still Live]

As of now all you may heard about this app. From the name itself tells that gives bucks for doing tasks. Tasks are installing apps from play store, sharing articles, stories, referring friends and so many other ways are waiting for you. But the main income source from Taskbucks is installing and trying high talktime value apps from play store and mammoth thing is you can earn Rs.20 Paytm cash per friends who install Taskbucks via your unique referral link and complete at least one offer with them. 

Vuliv Infinity Player [Live Again]

Just sign-up with the app and get free Rs.5 paytm cash. There is no need to refer friends as well as to do any tasks to earn your first wallet cash. Once you redeemed the credits it will be instantly added to your account. Not only this you can also redeem credits as oxygen wallet cash, Udio cash. Also you can daily log-in to the app and redeem Rs.5 paytm cash
  • Install and open the app from playstore (22 MB)
  • Click on menu icon from top left side of the app
  • Select Alert and click on Grab my wallet notification
  • Input your mobile number and press proceed button
  • Enter the OTP that received to your inbox and press again proceed button
  • Again click on Alert and click grab my wallet
  • Scroll down a little and tap on load button next to paytm
You'll auto-sign to the paytm with a OTP verification
  • Now click grab option from below
  • Again you will get a OTP from vuliv
  • Enter it to verify to get the cash to your paytm account
  • Done! Your free Rs.5 paytm cash will be instantly added to your account
Repeat above steps from 3 daily to get Rs.1 paytm cash. Redemption is on first come first serve basis and valid still on 31st Janaury 2017 or still stock last

Tip:- Open the app after 12.00 am to get the cash


    Qrumble Box [expired]
    Challenge your friends to play quiz & win to get free paytm cash. You can challenge as many as friends you like as long as enough points in your qrumble wallet.

    • Install the app from playstore
    • Sign-up to the app using your google account
    • Now enter your name, paytm registred mobile number and press Join button
    • Then verify your mobile number with OTP
    • Done!...You successfully registered with the app
    Now invite or challenge your friends from your phone contact. Whenever they accept the challenge both of you can start to play the quiz. For challenging your friend you have to bet 10 qrumbles and if both of you win then you'll get 20 qrumbles points back. 

    Initially your wallet will be zero but you can challenge friends and -10 qrumbles deduct from the wallet and you can challenge friends until the balance become -30 qrumbles after that you have to buy qrumbles from the app. But you win quiz and earn points then no need to buy it. You can redeem the amount equal to your qrumble balance. 


    1 Qrumble = Rs.1. You can redeem your points only once in a day. By referring friends you can earn more redemption.

    Qbucks [expired]
    Here comes another app that helps you to earn free paytm cash by referring friends and doing some tasks like watching videos etc... Follow steps below to start to earn with the app 

    Update:- Now the referral points reduced to 20 
    • Download the app from playstore
    • Open the app and enter your mobile number, Email Address
    • Now click on Referral code and input the code as otL9sy and press Apply button
    You must enter (if it is not auto-detect) above code to get free 20 points as Sign-up bonus
    • Then tap on Login button and verify your mobile number with OTP
    • Done!... You successfully registered with the app
    To Refer Friends:-  Click on Menu icon from top left side of the app >> Select Referral option >> Tap on Invite friends to share you invite code with the friends. Per referral you will get 20 points and they also get 20 points for using your code

    To Redeem:- Click on Menu icon from top >> Select Rewards >> Tap on paytm reward >> Then tap Redeem button to redeem the cash. Min redemption is 1000 points = Rs.70 paytm cash

    Notiby [Expired]
    Notiby is new reward and discovery platform app that let you connect with your favorite nearby places and can earn more reward when you visit the store. Now they are a running a referral program in which you can get paytm cash upto Rs.500, payumoney points for referring friends as well completing the deals and offers within the app. You will get 75 noties for referring each friend. Follow below step to start earn with the app

    Update: Now the referral amount only be credit when your referred friends shopping on nearby notiby partners shop

    Note : Your referral earnings will be credited as Noties and 5 Noties = 1 Rupees
    • Download the app from the playstore
    • Select Sign-up option from the app home
    • Enter your name, Emai ID, Paytm Registred Mobile Number, Date of Birth, input Referral code as HMNOTI245
    Enter above referral code to get 100 noties as sign-up bonus
    • Then verify your mobile number with OTP 
    • That's all. Now you successfully sign-up with the app

    Payment Proof:-

    To Refer Friends

    • Tap on Menu icon from top left side of the app
    • Select Refer friends from the options
    • Copy your referral code or click on Invite now button to share your invite code with your friends

    To Redeem Points 

    You must have a minimum of 750 noties to redeem a paytm cash of worth Rs.125
    • Select Pocket like icon from top right side of the app
    • Now tap on Press to Redeem button
    • Then click on paytm cash offer and Select the Gift card to choose respective noties from drop down menu to redeem paytm cash
    • After that Redeem Gift card to get your paytm cash



    You will get free points for watching different video ADs. Later you can redeem these points into freecharge credits. Freecharge credits are free cash that added to your freecharge account which is one of popular gateway like paytm. You can check more about this offer with proof from my post here

    Buyhatke [expired]
    It's not an app but simply an addon or extension that can be add to your google chrome browser to get notification of latest discount offers. They are running a referral campaign in which you'll get Rs.500 or Rs.100 paytm cash/mobile recharge for referring friends to install this add-on to their chrome browser. Follow steps below

    • Go to their offer page from here using your google chrome browser from your PC
    You must open above link from your google chrome browser otherwise offer will not work
    • Click on OK to the pop-up that appears from above
    In old browser which is not updated it may show Allow instead of OK in that case click on Allow option on the pop-up
    • Then enter your mobile number and click Submit button
    • From pop-up click on Next button
    • Then enter the OTP that received to your mobile number and click continue button
    You must verify your mobile number
    • That's all 
    After you followed above steps you can find your referral link in which you can share with your buddies to install the buyhatke addon to get the cash

    To Check Referral Status

    You will get Rs.100 recharge/paytm cash for referring 10 friends and Rs.500 for referring 25 friends.
    • Go to the buyhatke site from here
    • Then click on check Referral status button from top
    • Enter your Buyhatke registered mobile number and click Submit button
    • On pop-up click next 
    • Verify your mobile number with OTP and click continue 
    • On coming page you can see your referral status

    After you successfully referred 10 or 25 friends you can find the option to claim your recharge from the referral page itself or scroll down to the bottom and you can see a chat option, click it to chat with buyhatke person and they will send you the paytm cash

    iReff [Expired]
    App giving free paytm vouchers

    From ireff now you can earn Rs.10 paytm cash per referring friends. Also app is mainly designed for users who want to know about latest recharge plans. 
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    You can find out the plans by just entering your Operator name, circle after that the app will list out different recharge offers, Data plans, available SMS pack, Rate cutter plans and so on. Follow below steps to start with iReff app

    Update(Still Live):- Now earn Rs.20 per referring friends upto a max of Rs.200. Hurry!...
    • Install new version of ireff app from playstore or from here
    Open any of the above links only from your smartphone 
    • Enter your mobile number and verify it with OTP to proceed further
    • Your Operator name, Circle will be auto entered if not then enter it 
    • Done!...

    To Refer friends

    After install and open the app follow below steps to refer your friends to get paytm cash 

    Tip:- New users of the app keep use ireff for 2 or 4 days to get your referral option or referral link in case you can't find a link of your own

    • Click on Menu Icon from the top left side of the app
    • From the list select Get Rs.50! option
    • Then under Get Started option click on Select or Enter option to select email from the list or input your email
    • Now you can see your referral link and sahre the link via whatsapp or facebook to share your referral link with friends
    • That's all
    Whenever a friend of you install the iRefff via your referral link for first time in their phone then the money will be instantly credited to your iReff Account. 

    Also your friends just need to install the app to get the credits and there is no need to sign-up with app

    To Know and Claim your earnings

    You can claim or redeem your earnings only when your referral credits reach Rs.50 ie. for referring five friends

    To know your Earnings : Click on Menu Icon from top left side >> Tap on Get Rs.50! option >> Click on Gift Icon from top right side of the app >> Here you can see your earnings.

    To claim your Earnings : There is no option to claim your earnings from the app. But after you reached your first redemption limit ie.Rs.50 then they will send Rs.50 worth paytm coupon to your playstore registered  email or via push notification which can be redeem in paytm app. Also you can earn a max of Rs.50 from this referral campaign.

    Also you can find out your allotted paytm cash under My coupons by clicking on Gift icon from top right side in the earnings page.

    To Redeem Rs.50 Paytm Cash

    After received your unique code then copy it proceed to paytm and follow below steps. 


    • Sign-in to your paytm account
    • Tap on Add Money option from top
    • Enter the amount as Rs.50 and click on Have a promo code option
    • On pop-up enter your promocode and click on apply
    You will see a confirmation message
    • After that click on Add Money to wallet button
    • Done! Your money will be added to your account

    Heybiz [expired]
    Its an app help us to chat with local shops to get awesome discounts. By referring this app you can earn points which can redeem for free paytm cash, Mobile recharge, Buy products like Memory card, Selfie sticks and more Follow below steps to register with them
    • Install the app from playstore
    • Tap on HeyBiz now button from the app to continue
    • Enter your mobile number, name and press continue button
    • Then verify your mobile number with OTP
    • Now enter your location to complete the registration process
    You need 300 points to redeem paytm cash of Rs.50 and you can simply get it from 6 referrals and you can also earn Rs.50 free talk time for 250 points.

    To Refer Friends

    You will get free 50 points per referring friends and once your referred friends successfully get registered with the app via your referral link you will get your credit.
    • Click on Menu icon from top left side of the app home
    • Now select Share to friends option 
    • Then invite your friends via whatsapp, Facebook, Google + etc..

    To redeem your Earnings

    As i said you will get 50 points per referring friends and once your points reach 300 from 6 referrals you can redeem it for the paytm cash or  250 points for recharging. Also you can buy products like Selfie stickDigital watchWireless mouse16 GB sandisk memory card and more out there using your heybiz points. For that 

    • Tap on Menu top left side of the app
    • Select Rewards and Press Redeem Points
    You can also find your total earning points here
    • Now swipe down the page a bit and click on Redeem button against the paytm cash offer 
    • Then provide your paytm registered number and your cash send to your wallet within 72 hours
    You can also earn points by following deals, doing deals within the app.

    Movielark [Expired]
    Would you like to rate and review movies? Want to know reviews of latest movies that run to your nearest theater? Then this app will helps you for that. Also if you can write awesome reviews on movies then you can win weekly contest to earn free recharge, ticket discounts in sites like bookmyshow, cashback and so many other gifts. Not only this you can refer this app to your friends to get paytm cash your paytm wallet. Follow below steps to earn the cash.

    Note :- Top 4 referrers who referring maximum during the contest period ie. of 30 days will get paytm cash and you can see the top referred users list in the app
    1. 1st place - Rs.3000/- paytm cash
    2. 2nd place - Rs.1000/- paytm cash
    3. 3rd place - Rs.700/- paytm cash
    4. 4th place - Rs.400/- paytm cash
    • Install and open the app from playstore or from here
    • Enter your paytm registered mobile number, select your preferred language and proceed
    • Then select your email from the list and click on verify button
    You must verify your mobile number with OTP and email ID to ensure your paytm cash
    • Done!... Successfully registered with the app


    To get your Referral link

    • Click on small arrow like icon from right bottom of the screen
    • Then select My Account option
    • Now click on Refer button to share you unique referral link with your friends
    Under this page you can also find your referral amount

    • That's all

    Goyano [expired]
    Here comes the another app that giving paytm cash and many other gifts for referring friends well as for doing some activities. Goyano app is especially for discovering events and food places in your city and currently they available only in Delhi, Gurgaon & Noida. Also you can go through the reviews of the restaurants or you can post your query on the app to get response from the users of goyano community users. Follow below steps to sign-up to the app
    • Download app from the playstore
    • Register to the app using your google+ or facebook account or click on sign-up from below to enter, name, mobile number etc..
    • Then verify your mobile number with OTP
    You must verify your mobile number to get the referral points
    • On next page select you location
    • Done!... You successfully register with the app
    • After that click on top left menu from the app
    • From the options select Apply Referral code and enter code as harsha914 to get Rs.5 as sign-up bonus
    • That's ll

    Steps to get paytm cash

    You will get 5 points = Rs.5 for referring friends to the goyano app, booking events and availing coupons from the restaurants. Also you and your friend will also get Rs.5 for applying your referral code. Follow below steps to get your paytm cash
    • Click on Menu from top left side of the app
    • Now you can select Share option to share your referral code via whatsapp, email etc...
    • Or you can select Go points to find your referral code 

    Steps to Redeem paytm cash

    You must earn a min of 200 points to get Rs.150 paytm cash but you can redeem the points from 50 to get Rs.50 free mobile recharge. To redeem points continue below
    • Tap Menu icon from top left side of the app
    • Select Go points and click on Redeem Go Points button to get respective prices
    • That's all 
    For 50 points >> Rs.50 Free Recharge
    For 100 points >> Rs.100 Free Recharge
    For 200 points >>
    • Rs.150 paytm cash
    • McDonald's meal voucher worth Rs.200
    • Meal voucher of Rs.250
    For 500 points >>
    • Rs.375 patrm cash
    • Rs.375 worth Flipkart voucher
    • Rs.500 worth Ambrane P-444 4000mAh Power Bank
    • Rs.600 worth Philips SHP1900/97 Wired Headphones

    and finally for 1000 points Rs.1400 worth Meal pass

    ListUp [Expired]
    Listup is a online store where you can buy new and second hand products from nearby people around your city. Now they came up with a referral program in which you and your friend both will get Rs.10 paytm cash for referring friends to install their app. Also you can earn a maximum of Rs.250 from this referral campaign. Follow below steps to register with the app.
    • Download the app from playstore
    • Login to the app with your Facebook account
    • If ask enter your email ID, mobile number (it's optional - not necessary) and press submit button
    If you enter your mobile number then you have to verify it with OTP
    • Then choose or enter your location, that's all 
    • Now tap on menu from top left side of the app
    • Select Refer and Earn option 
    • Tap on Have a Referral code and apply your friend's referral code to get both of you Rs.10

    To Redeem paytm cash

    After you earned a min of Rs.50 or more. Also you can find your referral code under refer and earn option.

    Update:- Now the min redemption is Rs.50
    • Go to Refer and Earn option from left Menu
    • Here you can see your earned credits
    • From that select Transfer to paytm wallet option
    • Then enter your Paytm registered mobile numer
    • After that tap on green Transfer button from below
    • Your paytm cash will be instantly added to your Account
    • Enjoy:)...


    Trymaar [Expired]
    A app exclusively designed and optimized for personalized news and reading articles from online. Once you load the app via internet then you have access to the loaded news & images in which we don't have to keep our mobile data on till we completely reading the news. Also they giving free Rs.5 paytm cash on referring friends.
    • Install and open the app from playstore
    • Now put the referral code as 2761 and wait for some time to fully load the app
    • Then go through the demo of the app feature
    • Finally tap on a man avatar like icon from top of the app home
    • On next page click on gear icon from top right side of the app
    • Here alteast enter basic details like name, mobile number, email ID and press Done
    • Then verify your mobile number with OTP
    • Done!.. You successfully registered with the app

    To Refer Friends

    You will get Rs.5 paytm per referring friends when they use you referral code during the sign-up process. Follow below steps to refer
    • Click on 3 vertical dots on top right side of the app
    • Select Invite friends from the drop down menu
    • Then share your invite code with your friends

    To Redeem your Earnings

    You can redeem your earnings from Rs.10 but you can request for the same only after you keep installed and use the app for 30 days. You can refer as much of your friends during this time period.

    • Select Man avatar icon from  top of the app
    • Tap on gear icon and press Avail Referral Benefit button 
    You has to refer atleast one to make this button active
    • Then call them on 8447454607 or send a mail to to redeem your earnings
    • That's all

      EventsHigh [Expired]
      Refer 12 friends and earn free Rs.50 worth flipkart vouchers, Paytm cash, Freecharge Credits or Amazon vouchers etc... Follow below steps
      • Install the app from playstore
      You must download the app from above link if you would like to get 20 points as Sign-up bonus
      • Then tap on Skip or Next from below to proceed further
      • Enter your Name & Mobile Number and click on Register button
      • Now choose your preference or press Skip button from top
      • Select the your city from the list
      • Now click on Verify your mobile number notification from below to veify your number with OTP
      You can also verify your number by Clicking on Menu from top left side of the app >> Select Register Phone Number to verify your mobile number with OTP
      • Done!. You successfully registered with paytm

      Note: You must verify your mobile number to get 20 points as Sign-up bonus

      Then click on Refer and Earn banner from app home and tap on Invite your friends button below to share your referral link with friends. You will get 20 points for referring each friends. After you referred a min of 12 friends ie, earned a 240 points + 20 sign-up points to made a total points of 260 then follow below steps to redeem the voucher

      To Redeem Points:- Tap on offers from below of the app >> Select Redeem option >> Choose your voucher >> Enter your Email ID >> Then Press Confirm Button >> That's all >> You'll receive the voucher to your mail

      Also you can refer only upto 13 friends per week to get 260 points and can refer only a max of 25 friends during this offer period

      Flygrades [Paused]

      Update : Referral program was paused but you can redeem your points still tomorrow (4/02/2016)

      With Flygrades app you can learn mathematics, Maths concepts, Formulas, Tips & Tricks, Test our mathematical knowledge, ask doubts and find free NCERT solutions of your Mathematics questions from 8th to 10th classes. Not only this as a parent you can track your children knowledge and progress. They covers CBSE Maths, ISCE Maths and other Board Syllabus
      • Download and open the app from playstore
      • Select I am a student or Parent from the app
      • Then Log-in to the app with your Facebook or Google + Account
      • Now enter your details and tap on Referal code button from the top and input code as GX5U7SUB
      You will get 30 points as Sign-up bonus if your enter above code
      • Done! You successfully registered with the app
      You can also refer others to flygrades to get free paytm cash and pocket money too

      To Refer Friends

      • Now go to Menu from the top left side of the app
      • Select Refer friends option and tap on invite button to share referral code with your friends
      Get Rs.50 paytm cash for referring five friends and when you refer 15 friends you will get Rs.150 paytm cash

      Indiebarter [Expired]

      You can earn Rs.5 paytm cash for referring each friend of you when they create a new account with the Indiebarter site. I am already posted a separate post about this offer. You can go to my post from here to know the min redemption and more about this offer. To start your earnings follow below steps.
      • Go to Indiebarter site from here
      You will get 5 points equal to Rs.5 as sign-up bonus
      • Now enter your name, mobile number, Email Address, set password etc... and finally click on Register button
      • Then verify your mobile number with OTP
      Tip: May be due to heavy traffic, site is down and may take time to receive OTP if not received then click on Resend OTP option to resend it
      • After received OTP to your inbox then enter it and click on confirm button to proceed
      • Done!... You successfully created account with them
      To Refer: Click on Refer your Friends option from left menu >> Then share your unique referral link with your friends.


      Hocalwire [Expired]

      Is your dream to become a journalist that reporting news especially local news around you? Then here is a app that fulfill your dream in which you can report your local news and publish it to the app. If your news get approved by their team and publish it you will get free cash from them. You can earn unlimited cash from referring friends. But the referral earnings can redeem or send it to your email ID only last day of the month. 
      Note : Referral programme is active today ie. 25th January 2016 till 9.00 pm only. So, hurry!...

      • Download the app from playstore
      Install from above link to get 500 points (Rs.50) as sign-up bonus credits
      • If you ask to register with the app then proceed further
      • If don't ask then tap on 3 small horizontal lines from top right side of the app 
      • Select Become journalist option
      • Then enter your paytm registered mobile number and proceed 
      • Then enter your name, set password and click on register button 
      • Now verify your mobile number with OTP 
      • On coming page enter your email address and tap on save button. 
      This is mandatory to receive payments and notifications
      • Done! You successfully registered with the app 
      • Now again select menu from top right side of the app and choose refer freinds & earn option to copy your referral link 
      • Share it with your friends to get your credits 


      Also there is no option to redeem or see the referral earnings. As per their T&C they will send the redemption details to your Hocalwire registered email at the last day of the month. You can earn Rs.50 per referring friends. Rs.20 instantly when they sign-up with the app and additional Rs.30 when they submit their first news.


      Use Lafalafa app to get cashbacks on every single bucks that you spend for recharging, online shopping, ordering foods paying bills and so on. Next time do recharges, shopping via Lafalafa to earn real cash.You can use this app to top up in paytm, operators official like airtel stores, do online shoppping in flipkart to get cashback to your lafalafa account. Now they were giving Rs.10 paytm cash for installing their app. So, follow below steps to earn cash.

      • Go to Paytm Offer page from here
      You must visit above link from your Google chrome or Android default browser via your smartphone
      • Click on Buy for Rs.0 button from the page
      • Then click on cart icon from the top right side of the site
      • Now log-in to your paytm account
      You have to verify your account with OTP
      • Tap on Select Delivery address button
      There is no need to enter your address
      • Then click proceed to pay button
      • Click view code and again click Visit here link
      • Now install lafalafa app from playstore and register to app using Facebook or Google + Account
      • Browser the app for sometime and come back to your paytm account and log-out
      • After that an email will send to you in which you can claim your Rs.10 cash


      Additional to this Lafalafa app also running another two offers. First one is Refer and earn in which you will get Rs.5 when they register to app via your referral link and next Rs.5 when they recharge their airtel number via Lafalafa. 

      Second one is Airtel cashback offer in which you will get Rs.10 as casback to your lafalafa account on every recharge of your Airtel number for Rs.20 or more from airtel store using lafalafa app. You can redeem this offer 10 times per day. Valid only for first time installation of the app.


      It's not an app but it's a site having a mammoth database of almost all major colleges in India. Here you can find details about various colleges, what are the courses are they offer, get details about major entrance exams, and you can go through the reviews by others and the list goes on. 

      So, now you can submit review or share experience of your college with college dunia to get free Rs.200 paytm cash. Only genuine and approved reviews by them will eligible for the free wallet cash. 
      • Visit the site from here
      • Now fill up reviews about your college in details to the form
      • Finally hit Submit button 
      • That's all 
      • You will get paytm coupon within 48 hours to your mobile number or email
      Only detailed, readable and genuine reviews qualify for Rs.200 paytm wallet cash.


      This app is for making free calls using your internet connection. For getting cash you have to do some activities and you will get reward for that. But earning rewards from them is little bit difficult and if you would like to give it a try then go to my post about ringr app offer from here

      Free Rs.20 Paytm wallet cash for New Users [Expired]

      Those who are creating new account using paytm app will get absolutely free Rs.20 wallet cash to their paytm wallet which can use later to recharge or shopping or whatever the service they are providing. 

      For getting this offer create a new account by verifying your mobile number and add amount of Rs.25 and enter promo code as FREE20 on pop-up window that appears by clicking on Have a promo code option and apply it to get the wallet cash. If you have still doubts then check my post from here and their i added full steps to create a new paytm account and how you can avail this offer?.

      Pollseye [Offer Paused]

      A new app that give free paytm cash for just referring your friends to sign-up with the app. You will get Rs.10 per referring when friends install and sign-up to the app. As well as your friend will get Rs.10 on sign-up using your referral link. 

      Pollseye is an dedicated app that giving video reviews on new products in the market. By this you can acquainted with latest products and their services. Also can post your experience or reviews among other users in community too. Follow below step to start earn with the app
      • Install and open the app from playstore
      Click on above link to install the app to get Rs.10 in pollseye wallet
      • Sign-in to the app using your Facebook or Twitter account
      • Choose your favorites and click on update
      • Now you successfully registered with the app

      Step to Refer friends

      • Click on a Man like avator Icon from the top right side of the app home (see below screenshot)
      • Then select Refer a friend option 

      • Now copy your referral link or share it via whatsapp, facebook etc...

      To know your referral status

      Click on a gear like icon from the top right side of the app page from where you copy your referral link. Here you can find your total earnings

      To Redeem your Credits

      • Click on top left Menu icon from the app home 
      • From the list select My wallet 
      • Click on Redeem button 
      Min Redeemable amount is Rs.100
      • That's all


      • Pollseye reserves the rights to change the amount conferred under the refer and earn program
      • Only new install and sign-up to the mobile app is valid 
      • Money will be credited to your paytm wallet within 24 hrs
      • Usage conditions of credits may change at the discretion of Pollseye

        RailYatri [Expired]

        Actually the app is for checking train schedules, PNR status in online like that. They were providing free cash as part of refer and earn campaign to promote their app. You can earn Rs.10 per referring friends and upto a max of Rs.100.
        • Install and open the app from playstore. 
        • Enter referral code as kfqgfy and click on Reward now button
        • Select Refer and Reward option. 
        • Then enter your mobile number (which is registered at Paytm) and name. 
        • After that make a call by tapping on Give a missed call Button for verifying your mobile number. 
        If miss calls fails try OTP verification
        • Now disconnect the call after few rings or get auto disconnects. 
        • Then you will get a message like below. 
        • That's all. Thereafter you can see your unique referral code. 
        Also click on Reward tab on and press apply button
        • Share it with your friends via whatsapp, email and so on. 
        • Here also you can select reward option to apply your friend's referral code

        Reach [Expired]

        A brand new app that giving free paytm cash for referring friends. Using Reach app you can share your songs in your mobile phone to your friends with ease. Also you can upload/download the songs or even browse through your friend songs library. In this referral program you can earn upto Rs.500 by referring your friends to install and sign-up to reach app via your unique referral link. Follow below steps.
        • Install Reach from playstore
        You must install reach app from above link if you would like to get Free Rs.20 paytm cash
        • Open the app and enter your mobile number that registered with paytm and select next
        • On the next page enter the verification code or the app will auto verify your mobile number using OTP and press next
        • Then enter your name and upload a photo (optional) and again select next
        • That's all. You are successfully registered with them

        To start referring freinds

        Refer your friends to get Rs.10 paytm cash (early it was Rs.20) and your friends will get Rs.20 too (Before it was Rs.30). For that 
        • Go to Menu Icon from top left side of the app home
        • Select Refer and Earn option from the list
        • Then copy or share the referral link with your friends via whatsapp, Facebook etc...
        Also send request to your friends and when he accept you can download the songs from their library. You will get Rs.10 for downloading your first song from friend and the referred person will get Rs.5 for that. 

          To check your Earnings

          Click on the gear like icon on top right side of the page from where you find your referral link. Here also you can check your earnings and terms and conditions.

          To Redeem Your Earnings

          Also their is no need to redeem any coupon. Your cash will auto transferred to your paytm wallet as soon reach the min redemption amount Rs.100 within 48 hours. Don't forget that the cash transfer only take place to the number that you registered with reach app. So, this must be your registered paytm number.

          If you have doubts related to the redemption of earnings then chat directly with their Reach app manager via the Live Help option which can be find under menu section of the app.


          Update : They are changing the terms and conditions. So, now you get only Rs.10 per inviting friends and they will get Rs.20. Below are the latest T&C
          • Offer will end today 2 PM (21st October 2015)
          • Min Rs.100 in earnings to redeem paytm cash
          • Cash will be transferred to you mobile number that registered with reach app
          • Also check the latest terms and conditions under earnings section in reach app.

          Loqation App [Expired]

          Yet another app that giving free paytm cash for referring friends. Get free Rs.5 paytm cash per referring friends. You and your friend both will get Rs.5 which can be redeem to your paytm wallet as cash. Good thing is like other apps you don't have to verify your mobile number in loqation app to start earning with them. Follow below steps

          Update : Now they had stopped the referral program due to detected some fraudulent activities. If any of you have referral earnings, earned from genuine ways and you can redeem it to your paytm wallet by reach out them via chat with us option in the Loqation app even its less than the min redeemable amount.
          You must download the app from above link to get Rs.5 as Sign-up bonus.
          • Log-in with your Facebook Account 
          • Fill up your details like Educational Qualification, Current Location like that 
          • That's all
          • Now you successfully registered with the app
          Loqation app is designed to meet your location based queries by social engagement and you can chat with nearby peoples to solve your queries. Not only this also get aware about local deals, news like that. More features are waiting for you within the app.

            Steps to Refer Friends

            Follow below steps to refer your friends and earn unlimited cash from them. As of now there is no limitation in that.
            • Tap on Menu icon from the top left of the app home
            • From the option select Invite friends
            • Share your referral link with your buddies via whatsapp, Gamil and so on
            • Done!...
            When they install the app via your referral link and log-in with their Facebook account, Rs.5 will instantly added to your Loqation app account.

            Steps to Redeem Paytm cash

            You can redeem your cash only when your referral amount reach Rs.25
            • Click on Menu icon from the top left side of app home
            • Then select Redeem option from the list
            Here you can see your referral earnings
            • To the box enter your mobile number that you registered with paytm
            • Then hit Redeem button
            • Cash will be credited to your wallet within 72 hours

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