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Steps to Send Paytm cash to Friends [Screenshots Added]

Paytm wallet to wallet cash transfer option works and live again. Also i added steps to send paytm cash to other wallet or to another account. Now in paytm users can send their wallet cash to friends. For those who are new to the Paytm app and don't know about the wallet cash then here is a small introduction of what they are. Paytm is an online payment gateway in which you can register to them and use their service to recharge your mobile number/DTH/Data card, pay your bills, shopping in Paytm or in other sites, Book bus tickets on online by choosing your Credit/Debit card, Net banking etc... as your payment method. Money will deducted from your bank account respective to your recharge or order you made via there app or site. 

Then what is the need of Paytm wallet?... If you become tired of frequently selecting Credit/Debit card or any other payment way to recharge/pay bills then you can load any amount of money you want from your bank account via any of the above methods and stored it as wallet cash to your Paytm account.

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It will remain there for ever until you choose to use it and you can find it under the wallet section of your account.

You can directly select this stored cash to recharge, shopping in Paytm etc... Also you will get free Paytm cash to your wallet in the form of Cashback as a part of offers for recharging mobile number, paying bills etc... using promo codes. I am hoping that now you know what are they?... There is certain limits for loading or transfer money in wallet. You can know more from here. Let's move to the topic. 

Note: Also they had made some new changes in Terms and Conditions.
  • Min amount of Rs.1 and a max of Rs.5000 in a single transaction
  • Whether your account is basic or prime (upgraded) you can send only a max of Rs.25,000 in a month

Steps to transfer your Paytm wallet cash to friends [Updated]

Paytm offers transferring money from your wallet to friends those who have a registered email and mobile number in Paytm. Here I am giving the step by step procedure to transfer wallet money to your friends wallet via mobile number. Before moving to transfer confirm the details with your friends. 

Step 1

Install or Update latest app from the playstore and click on Profile icon from the app home to log-in

Step 2

Then click on Login to paytm option

Step 3

Then enter your paytm registered mobile number, password and tap on Secure login
Then you have to verify your mobile number with OTP if you put the same SIM app will auto-verify it otherwise enter it manually and this is for verifying your login to the app

Step 4

Upon successful login to the app, select Pay option from the app home

Step 5

Now select Mobile No option from the top

Step 6

Then enter the details as follows

Situation 1

If you have enough balance in your paytm wallet and you want to send the amount less than or equal to your wallet balance
  1. Enter the mobile number that you wish to send the cash (You can select the number from your contact by clicking on Address book icon (marked in above screenshot)
  2. Enter the amount that want to send to your friend or to another wallet
  3. Here you can enter any comments you want and its not necessary
  4. Finally click Send button
If you are sending cash for first time then you may verify the transaction with OTP that received to your mobile number (see below screenshot)
Enter OTP and press Verify 
    5.Done!... Your cash will successfully send to your friend's wallet

Situation 2

If you don't have enough balance in your paytm account but want to send cash to friends or to others OR If you have balance but want to send more than that then also follow the steps below 
  • Follow the same steps from 1 to 4 under the situation 1
After clicking the send button, you'll taken to the payment page to add the amount that you want to send or the additional amount rather than your wallet balance
  • On payment page, under other payment Modes you can select the payment mode you like and here I'm selecting debit card as my payment mode
sample of the Debit card
On payment page enter the respective details as show in the below screenshot
  1. Enter the 16 digit card number
  2. Enter month
  3. Enter year
  4. Enter your 3 digit CVV code
  5. Finally press Pay now button

        6. A banking page will appear with a pop-up of the paytm from below and here you have to enter the OTP that received to your mobile number which is registered with your bank account to verifying your transaction
If you put the same SIM app will auot-verify it otherwise enter it manually to the pop-up
         7. Upon successful transaction cash will be send to your friend's wallet

You and your friend both will get notify with a SMS and email regarding the details of transactions. Now give gift Paytm cash to your dear ones with ease. 

Hope you love this post and pls share with friends. If you have any doubts then you can drop it here as comments.


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